Our mission is to encourage and support the spiritual and musical education of children and to serve the worship and arts communities of West Michigan.

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Programs from past events

We have uploaded copies of our past programs below. Click the program name to read or download the pdf document. If you would like watch past performances and follow along with the programs below please go to our YouTube Channel click here. 
We upload to YouTube shortly after each performance.

Year Program Name Guest Conductor
2019 Lessons and Carols
2019 Fall Concert Dr Martin Neary
2019 Spring Concert Matthew Owens
2019 Lenten Meditations Andrew Nethsingha
2018 Lessons and Carols  
2018 Fall Concert Dr Martin Neary
2018 Spring Concert Dr Richard Webster
2018 Lenten Meditations  
2017 Lessons and Carols  
2017 Fall Concert Dr Martin Neary
2017 Spring Concert  
2017 Lenten Meditations  
2016 Lessons and Carols Dr Richard Webster
2016 Fall Concert Dr Martin Neary
2016 Lenten Meditations  
2015 Spring Concert - Music for the House of the Lord Dr Martin Neary
2015 Lenten Meditations  
2014 Lessons and Carols Andrew Nethsingha
2014 Music for Remembrance Dr Martin Neary
2014 Spring Concert - GRCMB Greatest Hits Dr Martin Neary
2014 Lenten Meditations Andrew Nethsingha
2013 Lessons and Carols  
2013 Music for Royal Occasions IV Dr Martin Neary
2013 Lenten Meditations  
2012 Lessons and Carols  
2012 Music for Royal Occasions III Dr Martin Neary
2012 Lenten Meditations  
2011 Lessons and Carols  
2011 Music for Royal Occasions II Dr Martin Neary
2011 Lenten Meditations Andrew Nethsingha
2010 Lessons and Carols  
2010 Music for Royal Occasions Dr Martin Neary
2010 Evensong Dr Martin Neary