Our mission is to encourage and support the spiritual and musical education of children and to serve the worship and arts communities of West Michigan.

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Joining the Choir


The Director of Music, Scott Bosscher, is always interested in auditioning interested choristers for the choir at any time during the year. Do you know a boy starting at ages six or seven (must be comfortable with reading words) up into middle school (unchanged treble voice) who is musical and loves to sing? Call Mr. Bosscher at (616) 460-0598 or contact him at scottbosscher@grcmb.org


Likewise, GRCMB is also always on the look out for outstanding Counter Tenors, Tenors, and Basses who have choral singing backgrounds, are musical, and good sight readers. We also are very happy to promote, when it applies, the singing of fathers and sons together in the choir, which has become one of GRCMB's trademarks. Most notable was our 2005 - 2006 year which saw eight fathers of thirteen boys, and shortly after this picture was taken, the addition of one grandfather. If you like to arrange for a personal audition, call or write Mr. Bosscher.


A recent developement at GRCMB is the addition of young college vocal performance majors to the choir (Choral Scholars). This year the choir will claim five such Choral Scholars to our ranks. 

Chorister Levels

Our choir offers several programs for the boys to develop their performance skill as they move through the ranks to the performing choir they are:


Preparatory Choristers - this level is for boys who are just learning to read or have never sung in a choir before; they will learn music theory and be mentored by singing alongside the more experienced choristers.


Junior Choristers - this level is for boys who have demonstrated that they have sung in a school and choir, show exceptional musicality; Requirement - completion of theory book #1 or equivalent music experience. They will attend both the weekly rehearsals. 


Senior Choristers - this is the top level for the choristers. Requirement - completion of theory book #3. These choristers rehearse twice a week. They sing in all the live performances with the men; if the choir travels out of the Grand Rapids area, they will travel as well.

 Levels Tuition Rates                              Tuition**
Preparatory  1 Rehearsal per week - boys only all levels combined;music therory
Junior 2 Rehearsals per week and special training with Guest Directors/Trainers; perform with full choir;
Senior 2 Rehearsals per week; special training with Guest Directors/Trainers; perform with full choir; travel to out of town events  $690
Summer Camp July - August  - the weekly camp is for current choristers; prospective boys may attend by audition only
or upon being awarded a scholarship from their school music teacher



** Payment plans are available. The choir meets during the regular school year. Limited scholarships are available with proof of income required.